Sunday, July 11, 2010

Colour, colour and more colour

Birgit and I went to the premiere of Color Improvisations in Stuttgart today - an international invitational exhibtion of 50 quilts by 26 quilt artists, curated by Nancy Crow. All the artists have studied with Nancy at some point, and were invited to improvise on the theme of color.

All of the quilts were large, around 70"/150 cm upwards, and most were just stunning. Not all them rocked my boat, but some of them just blew me away. I need to go back and look at them again in peace - there were a good 200+ people at the opening today (including Nancy Crow herself, and 22 of the artists, most of whom are from North America, but a handful are from Europe), so it was difficult to stand and just gaze in awe. I did get the exhibition catalogue, and had it signed by those artists there, but it is not the same as seeing the quilts hanging in front of you.

The exhibition also really deepened my desire/urge to try out hand-dying - I think there was one quilt of the 50 that was not made with solid colour fabric, and it seemed most of the artists used their own hand-dyed fabrics (one did say, when I said I was thinking about trying, that it is addictive :-))

I did take some pictures, until somebody told me that it was not permitted (which I had been expecting, but I hadn't seen the sign, and there were a lot of people taking pictures, so I figured it was ok). I don't know if full pictures of the quilts will be published on the website now that the exhibition is open. There are links to a few of the artist websites on the main exhibtion site, so you can get some idea of some of their work there.

So much inspiration...

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